Introducing EasyCoda


Welcome to EasyCoda

EasyCoda is an online interactive learning platform developed by the SheenCloud team. EasyCoda offers a new way of learning, using guided instructions and ready-to-use practical hands-on environments to learn new skills. The platform provides a cloud-based lab environment for each scenario, tutorial, or course. Whether you’re a novice programmer or a coding expert, and no matter where you are, you can easily and conveniently learn and experiment online. From our learning experience and expertise, we believe that the best and fastest way to learn a new technology or programming language is through hands-on practice, experiencing and summarizing from practice. We also hope that EasyCoda can be a helpful companion on your journey of programming growth, assisting you along the way.

Use Cases

  1. Personal Growth and Learning

EasyCoda provides you with reproducible learning environments. We strive to provide as many best practices tutorials for frontline industry practices as possible, allowing you to learn quickly and conveniently no matter where or when you are. Additionally, we welcome you to create and share your own practical tutorials and industry experiences on the platform, earning a desirable reward.

  1. Organizations and Enterprises

EasyCoda is an ideal training and product showcase platform for organizations and enterprises. EasyCoda provides a new way of selling for businesses. Instead of just telling customers about your product, users can experience the features and charm of your product through step-by-step practical operations. As potential customers gain a deeper understanding of your software, its value becomes increasingly apparent. Using EasyCoda, you can attract and showcase the value of your software through engaging interactive experiments.

  1. Team Workshops

EasyCoda supports team or internal workshops, allowing your practical tutorials and environments to be shown only to your team members or specific individuals. This helps you quickly perform demo displays and proofs of concept (POC).

Key Features

Interactive Lab Environment

EasyCoda provides fast environment creation and initialization. EasyCoda provides an online lab environment for each course/tutorial scenario, and we use the latest virtualization technology to shorten the environment’s readiness time to around 20 seconds.

You can execute commands in the tutorial with one click to see real-time execution results. Additionally, EasyCoda provides web-based terminal access to the lab environment, allowing you to open multiple terminals to access the lab environment simultaneously, making debugging and problem investigation easier.

Cloud-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Each lab environment provides a cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) where you can write and debug code in real-time online, and share it with your friends, students, or colleagues.

Application Public Network Access

You can expose applications from your lab environment for public network access. We will dynamically generate a domain name for your application that can be accessed publicly, making it easy for you to showcase your lab results or product POC.