Multi-Cluster Management

HyperKuber can manage your clusters anywhere, both in local datacenter or public cloud, support vanilla kubernetes, OpenShift, AKS, EKS.etc.

Real-Time Observability

HyperKuber provides real time log streams, events, and resource CRUD observability, easy for troubleshooting, debugging.

Resource Topology

HyperKuber provides application, helm, namespace.etc resource topology functionality, Everything is under control at a glance.

Powerful & Robust

HyperKuber provides form, wizard, yaml template for resource creation, with powerful resource life-cycle management to enable users master the way kubernetes manage your applications quickly

User & Tenant

HyperKuber provides user management, supports Internal auth or SSO, with tenant for resource control across multi-clusters, with platform role(RBAC) to make every button, menu link customizable.

Helm & Operator

HyperKuber supports multiple kinds of application deployment, template, helm & repository, operators. With configurable parameters for each cluster make application’ s deployment much easier.

Application Catalog

Helm Repository & Charts

HyperKuber supports deploying helm applications. You can connect and sync any helm repositories, and then deploy charts into mulitple cluster by one click.


HyperKuber supports operator management, browsing operator from different catalogs, and deploy operator, create operator instance, bring the operator world to everyone.


A simple way to deploy applications with configurable parameters, with template, your applications can be deployed to any clusters with different parameters just by some clicks.

Workload Control


Create and deploy kubernetes resources made easy, your can choose resource creation wizard or resource yaml manifests to deploy your kubernetes resource, supports various kubernetes resources. Also provides several efficent update methods(put, json patch, server side apply), no kubectl under the hood, do things in right way.

Real-time Observability

HyperKuber supports real-time kubernetes resource watching, you can get notified with what happened in your cluster or to your applications quickly

Easy debug

HyperKuber provides pod terminal, real-time events and logs of resources, easy to identify where you got stucked and speed up application’s deploying time.

Metrics & Logging

Prometheus Integration

HyperKuber supports metrics querying from prometheus, including pod metrics, namespace metrics, cluster metrics and node metrics.

Alert Dispatching

HyperKuber supports alert dispatching from alertmanager, user can define their own alerts and send it to specified mails.


HyperKuber supports querying pod or infra history logs from elasticsearch, by index or by labels. HyperKuber also support auditing, every operation performed on portal except get request are loged for auditing.


Users & Tenants

HyperKuber supports user and tenant management, Each user can assign specified role and cluster. With tenants, provides cross-cluster resource allocation and restrication mechanism.

Authorization with platform roles

HyperKuber provides platform roles which can be a replace of k8s roles. With platform roles, you do not need to create cluster role or rolebinding for every user in every cluster. Also, every menu or button can be customized by platform role.


HyperKuber supports three authentication methods, internal authentication, webhook, and SSO(integrated with Keycloak), ready for enterprise users.

OpenShift Compatible

OpenShift Reource

HyperKuber supports Openshift resource management, such as deploymentconfig, route, buildconfig, build, template, imagestreams.etc, support latest openshift version, both for okd or ocp.

OpenShift Build system

HyperKuber supports openshift build system. you can build your application from source code, such as s2i, artifacts. etc.

OpenShift Operators

HyperKuber supports querying and deploying operators from openshift operator catalog. A take fully control of your operator instance lifecycle.

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