Our Mission

Make cloud native technology benefits everyone

We try our best to provide you powerful software to enable you to build your applications and business more efficiently. Let everyone benefit from cloud native technology.

Who we are?

We are a passionate team working on cloud native technology for years.

Our goal is to providing great product and service to empower organizations rebuilt their IT stack with cloud native technology.

Sheen Cloud Technology, Inc was founded in 2018, in the first two years, we help organizations build their Paas platforms and containerize their applications,  during that time, we found that many teams or developers took a long time to learn, control, and debug their containerized applications, so we build a product, hyperkuber, to remove the barrier, boost the productivity. Empowers organizations to accelerate digital transformation.

Why choose us?

Our dedicated Team works constantly to keep our products relevant in a rapidly evolving market, while our experienced customer support team devoted to building lasting relationships with our customers. Working in tandem, we persistently responds to customer feedback and provide products/features that will align with your business needs.


Over the past years, our customer-centric company culture, best-of- breed products and services, have helped our customers from all over the world to achieve their productivity goals. We strive to continue delivering the best quality and value to our customers, helping all businesses maintain their competitive advantage in their industry.


Business philosophy: Do the right thing, do things in right way.

Our Team

Talented, Passionate, Born to code — we enjoy writing clean, quality code and delivering great software as much as you do.

Shaun Yuan


Fengteng Wang


Fanghua Jing


Let’s Build Something Together

We try our best to provide reliable, easy-to-use, powerful software products to help you build your business better and faster, so that cloud native software benefits everyone.